• MacDermid Performance Solutions

    The global leader in specialty chemicals and technical services

  • MacDermid Graphics Solutions

    Engineered products and technologies pushing the print industry forward

  • MacDermid Offshore Solutions

    Dynamic chemistries and products for eco-friendly oil and gas production

  • MacDermid Enthone
    Electronics Solutions

    Precision products at the core of complex electronics manufacturing

  • MacDermid Enthone
    Industrial Solutions

    Coatings, finishes and cleaning for the world’s product surfaces

  • Alpha Assembly Solutions

    Assembly materials for the electronics and semiconductor industries

  • MacDermid Autotype

    Functional coatings and print chemistry for the production of man-machine interfaces

MacDermid Performance Solutions is a subsidiary of Platform Specialty Products Corporation. Our companies manufacture a broad range of specialty chemicals and materials which are used in multi-step technological processes that enhance the products people use every day. Our innovative materials and processes are creating more opportunities and efficiencies for companies across key industries – including electronics, graphic arts, metal & plastic plating, and offshore oil production.

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