At MacDermid Enthone, we regard the issue of sustainability as a key factor to the success of our business. Beyond defining sustainability in strictly ecological terms, we view it as embodying how we responsibly manage, preserve and nurture the company’s wealth of precious assets. By being prudent and conscientious stewards of these resources, we further strengthen our commitment to create value for our customers, shareholders and our global value chain.

For all those reasons, MacDermid Enthone applies sustainable practices across the enterprise on a daily basis. They encompass everything from the health, safety, and quality training we provide our employees, to employing Six Sigma methodologies across our business, to our insistence on maintaining the highest manufacturing standards in all of our global facilities.

We continuously identify ways to decrease energy consumption and reduce our environmental footprint. Each reflects our collective mindset focused squarely on continuous improvement and the environment. Some of the many initiatives at various facilities include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Low-e glass installation
  • Waste water treatment and pollution abatement equipment that meet or exceed compliance requirements
  • Non-powered roof ventilators
  • Recycled paper, container and plastics programs

Our commitment also includes the development of green technology solutions that meet and exceed regulatory requirements, increase productivity and provide a low cost of ownership.