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MacDermid Performance Solutions is the global leader in specialty chemicals and technical services.

A growing team of over 4,000 professionals across more than 50 countries manufactures chemicals and materials using the most technologically-advanced processes to enhance the products people rely on every day. More and more companies in the world’s key industries – including electronics, graphic arts, metal & plastic plating and offshore oil production – are using innovation from the MacDermid family of companies as a competitive advantage and critical business feature.

Driving sustainable success for companies around the world, and at every step of the supply chain, takes talent. Strategic thinking. Collaboration. Execution. From humble beginnings in the late 19th century, to the global expansion of today, the people of MacDermid Performance Solutions stand united by a guiding principle: That if it doesn’t add value, don’t do it. This belief inspires a unique culture where each team member has opportunities to imagine, create, hone and optimize.